HTTP 203

Google Developers Jake Archibald and Surma discuss their philosophies about web development and the various aspects of it, meanwhile dropping in lifehacks, lessons and some honest truths.

FLIP animations | HTTP 203

Cassie Evans from GreenSock walks through FLIP – a great animation technique for transitioning between states.

Purple box FLIP demo → ht...

Random paint effects - HTTP 203

In this episode Jake and Surma chat about creating 'random' paint effects, and why they shouldn't be truly random.

The original by Georg...

Deno - HTTP 203

In this episode, Surma gives Jake an introduction to Deno, a TypeScript-based runtime from the creator of Node.

Ryan Dahl’s talk at JSC...

Debugging memory leaks - HTTP 203

Jake and Surma tackle one of the hardest types of debugging on the web: Memory leaks.

Some links mentioned:
Squoosh →

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